About us

About us

In today's world of technological advancements, continuous modernization and innovation hold the key to lasting growth. Successful groups and companies make equitable investments not only in skilled human resource, but in latest technologies as well. At PENTA GLOBAL, we are geared to excel with our commitment to revolutionize the industry and light the path for others to follow. That's why we have gained landmark achievements and are setting standards since the beginning of our corporate journey.

PENTA GLOBAL started its journey as a fast growing company specializing in exploration, extraction of minerals and precious stones. Soon afterwards, we diversified our investments and Joined hands with leaders of the infrastructure development industry to create marvels of the future. Thereon, our passion of discovery and development gained more energy, which empowers us to transform the shape of things to come. Today, PENTA GLOBAL holds mine leases of various minerals across Pakistan. Besides, we are also adding to the momentum in collaboration with our subsidiaries and consortium partners to reshape Pakistan's landscape and give rise to futuristic infrastructure. Our nationwide and international presence is a proof of our growing network backed by a strong business portfolio in all areas of activity.

Head Office


Lt Col (R] Sohail Malik joined the prestigious Baloch Regiment of Pakistan Army as a commissioned officer in 1984. During his meritorious career of 25 years, he served key positions, which took him to every corner of the country, giving him diverse exposure. During his professional career, besides other military duties, he was also appointed as a Member of DHA Executive Board of Defense Housing Authority Karachi as well as Member of three different Cantonment Boards. Moreover, he remained member of Sindh land Committee as well for three years where he supervised number of mega development projects in DHA and different Cantonment Boards of Karachi. Soon after his retirement, he joined Defense Housing Authority Karachi as a Director and handled all property / real estate related projects of DHA Karachi for another two years.

Later on, Mr. Sohail Malik formed his own company PENTA GLOBAL (PRIVATE) LIMITED with a vision to introduce new and innovative ideas in the fields of minerals as well as construction. He has extensive experience of undertaking and managing mega development projects related to housing including high rise buildings, infrastructure developments of all scales as well as planning and management of residential communities. Mr. Sohail Malik is an active member of a consortium of renowned and well reputed local as well as foreign companies creating synergy jointly to develop housing and lifestyle projects in major cities of Pakistan.

Lt Col (R] Sohail Malik Chief Executive Officer

Our Core Team

As the co-chairperson and a key board member, Mrs. Satma Sohail heads the Human Resource and Admin departments of the company. She ensures smooth day-to-day operations white helping the company to harness the right blend of human resource for every area and develop their abilities through a continuous process of ability enhancement programs.

Salma Rashid



Mc Abdul Saboor heads the IT & Telecommunications department which forms the backbone of all channels of communication between project sites. local/offshore teams, and consortium partners of the company. He is also a key member of our business development team and plays an active role in marketing of our services.

Malik Abdul Saboor



A qualified Chartered Accountant with rich experience of consultancy with various multinational companies in Pakistan and Middle East countries. Saba Malik heads the audit and finance departments of the company. She brings a wealth of knowledge and modern practices to keep the company financially strong and ensures - transparency in all fiscal matters.

Saba Malik



Dr. Saniya heads coordination between different company subsidiaries and our consortium partners besides ensuring a smooth flow of information between national and overseas offices. She comes with a background in medical sciences and also works at a leading hospital in Islamabad.

Dr. Saniya