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Precious Stones

World's best emerald mines exist in Pakistan, mainly in Swat and surrounding areas. Currently, Penta Global is trading in raw as well as polished emeralds. To enhance more value addition of the extracted emeralds, Penta Global will soon install latest cutting and polishing machines at Islamabad to undertake value addition of the emeralds and then selling these best quality emeralds in international market.


Ruby has a tremendous market value at international level. Best quality ruby mines having huge unexplored deposits exist in northern parts of Pakistan like Kaghan and Naran areas. In past, no proper attention was paid towards professional mining and value addition of this valuable national asset and whatever was extracted got damaged due to uncontrolled blasting and lack of required mining techniques. Since Penta Global has been dealing/trading in rubies since long, therefore, Penta Global in collaboration with its foreign partners has planned to undertake mining of rubies at a mega scale while using latest equipment and modern mining techniques.


Semi-precious gemstone Tourmaline can be found in most parts of the country in different attractive colours. Major tourmaline deposits are located in KPK, and Gilgit Baltistan areas. A very popular gemstone in the local market but seeing its potential and high demand in the international market, a number of foreign clients who are already dealing in trading of tourmaline from Pakistan are now showing interest in direct mining of the tourmaline. Penta Global in coordination with the concerned local mine lease holders is extending all possible support to desirous foreign companies/clients in dealing with local government departments as well as private sector. Penta Global can also provide its well developed platform and business networking at national/international level to potential foreign clients to establish their setup in different parts of the country, undertake direct mining/value addition of tourmaline at large scale and expand their gemstone business all over the world.


A beautiful gemstone which is mostly available in the northern parts of KPK province of Pakistan. Huge and unexplored deposits of Peridot gem stone exist in Kohistan, Naran, Kaghan and surrounding areas. Due to non-availability of suitable mining equipment, these precious stones are being sold in the local market in raw form on very cheap rates. However, after value addition the same gem stone can earn a very attractive value in the international market. To enhance extraction of this valuable gem stone, Penta Global has already signed joint venture agreements with a number of local peridot mine lease holders to execute mining of the peridot gem stone at mega scale and selling it in the international market after having done value addition as per the requirement and standard of international clients.


Available in beautiful multi colours having a lot of attraction for international gemstone clients. Deposits of spinels can be found in KPK and Gilgit Baltistan areas. Currently, spinels are being sold without value addition in the local market on very cheep rates, however, seeing its potential and a big demand at international level, Penta Global plans its mining, value addition in a total professional way and would soon be commencing its export to different countries at a large scale.


Vast sapphire mines are located in Muzafarabad and Neelam valley of Azad Kashmir, but due to existing hard access to the sapphire mines, undertaking mining of Sapphire gem stone at a large scale is very difficult. At present Penta Global is engaged in trading with local miners who are engaged in mining and extraction of sapphire at a very low level. However, after assessing a tremendous potential of unexplored Sapphire, Penta Global with the cooperation of foreign mining companies intends to execute sapphire mining without damaging the most valuable and rare quality of the existing sapphire gemstone which has immense value in the international market.